Chinese Caligraphy Workshop 1 - ICAS 11

Workshop Chinese Calligraphy with Cara Yuan
Calligraphy is an essential part of China’s cultural heritage; it is also one of the most important art forms. During this workshop, Cara Yuan will talk about the history and role of calligraphy in Chinese society. She will also introduce you to the Four Treasures of Chinese Calligraphy: brush, ink, inkstone and paper. After that, you will be able to get to work yourself. Cara Yuan is a professional artist, photographer and calligraphy teacher. She grew up in China in an artists’ family, where she started Chinese calligraphy at a very young age; she exhibited in China and Japan before her 20th birthday. Cara’s work as an artist (Chinese water-based ink techniques, abstract painting and photography) is characterized by a mix of Eastern and Western influences. Website: